Lasers -- 3/11/2010

Red Uniform Line Laser

Type FC635L5-1660

Red Uniform Line Laser,Using different power laser tube and collimating lens,Cylindrical lens coupled with different parameters of,

Produce different beam divergence of the uniform line,output power can be adjusted according to useness,Specific uses can be customized according to the user
   Lasers are high-quality selection of original, imported laser diode,APC driver circuit coupled with high-performance coatings and optical glass lens group,With high reliability, high stability, strong anti-interference, consistency is good, long life and other characteristics

Products are mainly used for various mechanical processing, stone cutting position, tire production location, woodworking machinery, textile and garment positioning, industrial equipment, cast-line instrument type laser light source, laser scanning device for flatness, laser medical equipment, laser positioning, etc.


Outputl Power: 2mW

Fan angle: 30°„ -90°„ (according to customer's request)

Width: 1m Department width = 0.5mm

Optical system: spherical glass lens group

Curvature: = 1mm @ 5m.

Operating Voltage: DC 5V

Laser class:  a

Operating temperature: -10°„ ~ 50 °„

Storage temperature: -40 °„ ~ 80°„

Dimensions: F16mm--60mm

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