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Changchun Fortune Optronics, Inc.
CCFC Introduction

CCFC is a company, which was founded in 2004 mainly developing, designing and manufacturing optical elements and equipments and located in Changchun City, China.The company has trade department and optical factory.
CCFC masses a colony of professional engineers who have plenty experience in optical area and can develop, design and manufacture optical elements or systems according to the customers?demands.
CCFC holds the theory of “co-developing and co-profiting with the customers? the customers?satisfaction is our goal. CCFC’s engineers continuously develop and adopt new technology to improve the quality and reduce the cost of products for better satisfying the customers?demands. CCFC provides comprehensive services of consultation, research, design and manufacture. It gets a good reputation from the customers by strictly quality control. Its advantages are high quality, competitive price.
CCFC’s main products include: prism, lens, windows, laser elements and non-spherical lens etc. The detailed products and their price will be shown in the website. Costumers could get the trade discount if order in bulk.
CCFC is easy to be accessed through Fax, Internet, Phone and E-mail. Our salesmen and sales engineer have strong technical background. We respond rapidly and offer excellent technical support for customers. Therefore, for whatever optics, please contact us for further information.

Changchun Fortune Optronics, Inc.
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