DBC Crystal


Low thermal effect;
High laser damage threshold;
High efficiency and good beam quality;
Excellent for High-Average-Power DPSS Lasers.

Part No Doping concentration Aperture Length of laser crystal(mm) Coating
DBC 01 0.50% 4*4 4(YVO4)+7(Nd:YVO4) AR/AR@1064&808nm
DBC 02 0.50% 4*4 4(YVO4)+7(Nd:YVO4) AR/AR@1342&808nm
DBC 03 0.30% 4*4 2(YVO4)+10(Nd:YVO4) AR/AR@1064&808nm
DBC 04 0.30% 4*4 2(YVO4)+10(Nd:YVO4)+ 2(YVO4) AR/AR@1064&808nm
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